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Bring back the Hike Timeline!

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To Hike ltd,

                      The all new stories update replaced the Hike Timeline. This update is not appreciated many of us because we loved our very own timeline. Hence resulting in many of us downgrading to older version of Hike.

                     This negative reaction by users, is because timeline was simple yet effective way of expressing ourselves.Many of us were using it as a Facebook and other social media alternative, where we got Post, Like and comment Via text posts. On the other hand what stories did is, completely put bar on those posts and reaction sharings, instead we need to download each story of every friend, and out post made to be jugded  om views not on actual likes and reactions. And again its very timely thing compared to Timeline where once we opened hike all post were ready to be looked through.It was very snappy and slik experience.And in today's rapid lifestyle timeline is most required feature.

                    Still stories is yet another innovative feature to Hike and  is not that much upsetting at all.But the way it is implemented is quite a hateful.It would be nice if stories and all other features like live filters  and new in-chat UI etc. are implemented in way Instagram did it,i.e. keeping both stories and Timeline separate and yet equally streamlined.And in a way it will maintain the glory and uniqueness of the Hike.

              So our final word is BRING BACK THE HIKE TIMELINE, without discontinuing new features.



All Hikers, 

and with ♥ from India

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