Save Active Schools and Sport in Moray

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This is an invaluable service, that should be saved. My kids have benefited from the Active Schools programme. Myself and many other parents have received training and support through Active Schools to enable us to teach sports such as netball, badminton, tennis, junior jog Scotland and many more activities to many children. This service should not be cut. 

The remit of the Active Schools and Sports Development Service within Moray Council includes;
- development of school to sports club links
- offer programmes for every school child in Moray to participate in sport/physical activity
- organise local area and Moray wide sports events, festivals and competitions
- supports Health Walk Leaders and Health Walks
- implements the Macmillan Move More programme
- provides support to Community Sports Hubs
- help to organise the annual Diageo sportMoray Recognition Awards
- delivery of Walking Sports programmes
- organise and deliver the Sports Development programme including Active Start, Gymnastics, Football, Tennis etc
- recruit and support volunteers in local community
- organise coach education and training opportunities in sport/physical activity
- support the development and sustainability of local sports clubs and forums
- undertake targetted sports/physical activity work in relation to inclusion and equality