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Ban the public purchase of Acid in the UK!

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Purchasing acid should be BANNED in England unless there is a significant reason for purchase and usage. Evidence of this reasoning should be given with every purchase. Acid is cheap and accessible and leaves life changing damages when used for the wrong reasons. This is why the attacks are increasing in number. Therefore, we have to stop this before it becomes a 'trend' for attackers.

Acid attacks have been occurring for 200 years in the UK. It has been a problem for many years but because of the number of attacks being fairly low in the past, it was not a concern for the government. However, the number of attacks for the past years have been rising to an extremely dangerous level. It has gone up by over 65% in the last year! In the first two months of 2017, London saw 49 attacks - and this is just in London. There are unfortunately a lot more to follow throughout the UK IF we do not do something about it. Five men were attacked in just one night a couple of weeks ago. Nobody is safe. This keeps our nation in fear. Majority of the victims are completely innocent. Acid attacks leave more than just physical scars - it causes the end of people's careers, as well as having a great affect on people's mental health. On people who did not deserve this and have no idea why they were a victim of it. In order to avoid this, we must protest and sign this petition to be noticed by the government so that they finally realise that instead of giving us guidance on 'what to do when someone near you is a victim of an acid attack', we must ban acid instead, full stop. Please please share this, spread this and get everyone around you to sign this. You do not know who might be next therefore we must get ourselves noticed as soon as possible.

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