Petitioning Social Initiative 'De-Concretise- Save Trees save Mother Nature’

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Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner / Tree Authority, De-concretise Remaining TREES before they die of Concrete, Plaster, Tar or Paver-blocks around the base of trees which suffocates and kills them! Sign the petition to join our campaign in saving such trees. The trees around us are extremely important and have always been necessary for improving the human condition and their very existence.  Without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet. We, the humans are causing irreparable damage to our earth.  One such damage is done by CONCRETISATION of area around the trees. Concretization is causing havoc to the very existence and growth of this very source and supporter of life on earth. Concretization has many detrimental effects on biodiversity. It causes immense damage to the trees, soil, climate, living organisms and habitat of tree dwellers. Navi Mumbai was once a greener city with tall n healthy trees. Every road had beautiful Canopy. Trees had enough space to grow. All along on both the sides of road had muddy area with enough plantation. But as time passed. Navi Mumbaikars’s are witnessing massive destruction. On the verge of becoming a Smart City, Development and Destruction is going hand in hand. We are more inclined towards making a Concrete City.  Navi Mumbai once a cool city is now witnessing drastic climate change. Footpath with paver-blocks and Concrete has replace the muddy lane. In doing so our civics body failed to follow National Green Tribunal Guideline to keep space of 6 X 6 feet space around the base of the tree.  Instead we are witnessing each and every tree on Footpath, Divider, Gardens, Hills, all along the Nallahs, Jogging tracks are chocked to death with either cement or paver-block. It not only blocks the seepage of rain water but the soil too has no space to breathe. Which in turn had been responsible for the death of innumerable trees in Navi Mumbai. Remaining are on the verge of dying. Even after repeated request to our civics body to release the trees from being chocked by paver blocks & concrete has fallen on deaf ears.  Neither any of our ward representatives have shown any interest. When concretization work is carried out neither Contractor nor any of the officer from Corporation is seen on site. Trees give us shade, clean air, they are home to varied species of birds, reptiles, squirrels. They give us rain, help in augmenting ground water resource. We need to stand by our TREES and urge our Navi Mumbai Commissioner to de-concretise and prevent the trees from any further concretization. With citizens support we have started a drive to make our Navi Mumbai a Green City. Your signature is extremely important to strengthen our campaign.