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Allow the Media into Family Court

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We care because our Human Rights are being denied Family Court is a secret court evidence is not being asked for by Judges from Children's Services to prove you are guilty of what Children's Services etc state in their reports against you.

Finding of facts are not being done Children's Services are not following the law and they will not give you copies of any reports etc that they intend to use against you until the day of the hearing were you do not have the time to look at their accusations etc.

Solicitors are left waiting till the day of hearing for any copies of documents reports etc that they have asked Children's Services for solicitors letters and telephone calls are not being answered

Children's Services's  Investigation's findings have been stated in their reports when investigations  have never taken place.? family members are not spoken to reports state address unknown even when Children's Services Have visited that family members home.

Police and Child Protection  investigations have not taken place against parent's grandparents etc who are accused by Children's Services of harming the child/children an assault against a child is a criminal matter.

Not Civil matter that should be dealt with in criminal court where the accused is allowed to prove his/her innocence and you are entitled to legal aid to defend yourself.

Judges refuse to look at historic's of cases that have gone back to court 

judges are not asking for the accused person or persons to be present in court to give their evidence and defend themselves 

Children's Services base their cases on the written theory of a book by Patricia Critteden known as the critteden model were we all suffer from mental illness were brought up wrong  etc etc her theories were said to be badly flawed etc etc

This is all being HIDDEN from the MEDIA if our Law is to be Justified and shown to be in the best interest of the Public to serve and protect then all media should be allowed to show that our family courts and family law is fit for its purpose and do justice 



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