Save the "Big Bird" and Sesame Street on PBS from Mr. Romney's Cuts.

Mr. Romney and The Republican National Committee,

Please do not kill the "Big Bird" and do not cut the Sesame Street Program on PBS. Please show some compassion toward millions of kids. Whether you are a republican or a democrat, there is no justification for killing the "Big Bird".

There is no reason for anyone to go after the "Big Bird" or the Sesame Street program for kids on PBS. This program gives millions of kids across the country and around the world joy and brings smile on their faces. Also, this program helps millions of kids learn from it. We cannot allow any politician to hurt our kids in the name of cutting costs. There are plenty of other programs and areas on Television that Mr. Romney can focus on cutting.

We are asking that Mr. Romney immediately recall his statement that he made during the first Presidential debate, publicly apologize to millions of kids, and show his support for the "Big Bird", the Sesame Street program, and PBS.

It is that simple. Thank you for your support.

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