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Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) ALLOW HIJAB

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Hello! My name is Raabya Pasha, and I am a 20 year old student and basketball player. I started playing basketball when I was 18 at the University of Bradford when I also started my Pharmacy degree.

I have been wearing the hijab for several years and I have never found it to come in the way of me participating in sports such as Basketball, Taekwondo, Netball and Football (Soccer). This is the reason that I am campaigning to ask FIBA to remove the ban on wearing hijab whilst playing basketball.

Although I have never experienced hijab discrimination to extreme extents, I have had instances where I have been questioned about the hijab and why I wear it. In a discussion about basketball, I was recently asked whether the hijab causes discomfort or obstruction while playing. I was astounded that so little was known about the hijab and how, many people only thought of it as a negative thing. The hijab has never affected my sporting abilities and has never come in the way of affecting others who play with me. It is a simple head covering that has more benefits than one might assume, including the fact that your hair stays out of your face and away from others while you play. I have played with several women before who have had their hair out or tied back. Bearing in mind, in basketball there is a lot of close contact between players therefore, an opponent’s hair can easily flick into player’s eyes causing harm, therefore being a hazard. This can be experienced by any player, yet no one has banned long hair from sports.

In conclusion, I do not believe that the hijab is ‘dangerous’ enough to be banned from sports and should be allowed and not discriminated against, whilst playing sports, including basketball.

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