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Save Out of Boundary Transportation

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On behalf of Out of Boundary Families:

School Choice was born out of necessity under a Presidential Mandate in 2001 leading to the passage of “No Child Left Behind (NCLB).” Under NCLB the School Choice Program was born. School Choice Program gave students options in failing schools to transfer to higher performing schools and provide transportation. According to The United States Department of Education “Under the No Child Left Behind Act, children in schools in need of improvement must be given the opportunity to transfer to other public schools in their district, and school districts are required to tell parents about this option, as well as pay for transportation to the other schools.” (see link below)

Since this passage The Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE) has provided transportation to students who currently live east of the river to high performing schools located in Ward 3 including, but not limited to: Hurst Elementary, Mann Elementary, and Key Elementary.

In July 2012 DC applied and was granted a waiver through the Department of Education No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Title 1 Program.

Application Letter:

Approval letter:
Obama Administration Approves Seven More NCLB Flexibility Requests - 32 States and DC Now Approved for Waivers

Press Release:

Due to this new approval the DCPS budget is deeply affected. DCPS is no longer under the mandates of NCLB. DCPS is now under The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The NCLB budget was affected through the CHOICE PROGRAM and is linked to transportation funding for out of boundary students in failing schools. Currently, DCPS only has 8 buses that transport out of boundary elementary school students.

According to OSSE sustaining transportation services funding has vanished. With the recent announcement of 20 DCPS schools being slated for consolidation there is no way that transportation is a budget issue! DC was given funds from NCLB mandates specifically for transportation. Without transportation many students will have no other option, but to return to their failing neighborhood schools.
Please join our movement to sustain Out of Boundary Transportation. Give your best reason why Out of Boundary Students deserve transportation.

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