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Please support in helping the voices of the many be heard for St. Adalbert Church in Chicago.

St. Adalbert Preservation Society

Jan 19, 2017 — We have heard from the Archdiocese of Chicago that they would like to finalize the sale of the St. Adalbert Property to the Chicago Academy of Music. We are very grateful that we are a sacred site, but in being a sacred site the church is still under the purview of the Archdiocese of Chicago and in that guise the proper juridic persons who should be in charge of the church should be comprised of a Catholic entity. We the St. Adalbert Preservation Society are such an entity.
The Archdiocese also posit the music school as the only option to save our Church from possible demolition. That is not the case, we the St. Adalbert Preservation Society are forming partnerships with community groups such as The Resurrection Project , art groups and others to form a lasting community presence with the Catholic church being it's focal point. If the music school would like to join this endeavor they are more than welcome.
Please note that the Archdiocese of Chicago is using the image of St. Adalbert in their campaign To Teach Who Christ Is. Very proper that they should since St. Adalbert is a classically beautiful callback to the way churches were built and that they are still the anchor to a community in many places. Please see website:
In case any change happens , we have included a screenprint of the site.
Thank you for spreading the word!!


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