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Preserve the Chicago Puerto Rican Parade and Fiestas Puertorriqueñas

The Group Accion Rescate, composed of former members of the Puerto Rican Parade Committee and community leaders filed a lawsuit against the current Puerto Rican Parade Committee to remove the members and asked the Cook County to cancel the festival and parade in Humboldt Park.

The Puerto Rican Parade Committee is the oldest existing Puerto Rican origination in the City of Chicago. The committee was founded in 1965 by a group of Puerto Rican visionary leaders with the mission of better representation and greater opportunities for the Hispanic community. In an effort to make others aware of our presence and culture, The Puerto Rican Parade Committee produces some of the largest Hispanic events in Illinois and the Midwest.

It is the vision of the Puerto Rican Parade Committee to create, through its various activities, a sense of pride, historical understanding and greater self-esteem among all citizens of Puerto Rican origin living in the City of Chicago, or the state of Illinois.
Accion Rescate is misleading our community to believe we the PRPC cancel the parade in Downtown Chicago rather than cancelling the parade we united forces with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center to have one parade on Division St.

Due to the economic challenges our organization is facing to subsist we made a decision to bring the parade to the community of Humboldt Park. There is no need to go to Downtown Chicago and spent almost $40,000.00, when our people can celebrate our culture right at home and our local business owners can benefit.

Only looking for the best interest of their organization the Group Accion Rescate now threaten to suspend the parade and the festival. Please sign this petition and show your support to the Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago if you will like to see a tradition of 48 years to be continue.

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