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Petition : VOTE to BAN helmets in bohurts with chainmail & grill face

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more and more bohurt fighters start to use open face helmet with an extra grill and chainmail to get a superior breathing and visibility advantage that did not exist. The helmet is 100% fantasy and is more and more used because it gives you an advantage on all other competitors who use historical helmets.

It means that because of such helmet :

  1. sportmanship is shit 
  2. fighters don't use any REAL helmet from our ancestors because this is not forbidden to use such helmets
  3. it breaks the competition
  4. more and more fighters migrate to this new fantasy helmets to get an advantage on their opponents

Participate in this petition to change things and get back to medieval armor only : 

- forbid chapel with chainmail to the eyes

- forbid bascinet with chainmail to the eye

- allow  historical open face chapel and bascinet because it existed

- allow historical grill bascinet from king rené book

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