Video Support in Reason

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Now that VST in Reason is a reality and new possibilities grew exponentially, the only cause to still use a different DAW is the lack of Video Support.

Considering the amount of Devices and Rack Extensions that covers orchestral sounds and, specially, the huge amount of Cinematic Refills available, it's undeniable that Reason is the choice of many score composers. And with the amazing integration of VST in version 9.5, this choice will nothing but increase.

However and If we consider the fact that VST don't work in rewire mode, Reason users will never be able to use any VST library in the making of a movie's Soundtrack. With the lack of video support, Reason users still need to rewire to a different DAW that covers video support... but by doing so, they are unable to use VST.  One thing or another.

Third parties applications such as ReSync or ReasonSync are not accurate enough for professional purposes  (those applications can't adjust an Audio or MIDI Clip to a specific video frame like it's possible, for example, with Ableton Live).

For all this, and as a matter of fact, It seems that a video track enabling to sync audio and MIDI with Reason's sequencer is absolutely prioritary to make our DAW of choice totally self-sufficient.

SIGN THIS PETITION, spread the word... and let us be heard by Propellerhead Software!
Let's hope that in the near future, Reason will become truly and definitely PERFECT !