Stop Criminalising Women In Northern Ireland

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Stop sending women to prison for having an abortion in Northern Ireland.

It is legal in England, Wales and Scotland to have an abortion however, in Northern Ireland (which is under UK government), an abortion is illegal and a criminal offence. Except where the pregnancy presents a real risk to the mother's life.

More then 95% of doctors turn away women due to religious or moral reasons.

In a recent case highlighted in the national press a young woman bought
pills off the Internet in order to terminate her pregnancy. She was later
charged and convicted with "Administering poison with intent to procure a
miscarriage" and given a suspended sentence and a criminal record. It is
estimated that around 1,000  (minimum) women make the journey from Northern Ireland every year to have an abortion in England to escape prosecution.

How, in 2016, can it still be justified to criminalise women for having an
abortion in the UK.

Imagine if it was your mother, your sister, your daughter, your aunty or a friend who needed an abortion in Northern Ireland, but the consequence is criminal prosecution and a possible prison sentence not forgetting the abuse and stigma that the women receive.

If you agree with me, please sign and support the petition to give the women of Northern Ireland the right to choose without being discriminated against and criminalised and to introduce abortion laws in Northern Ireland which are in-line with the rest of the UK.

Thank you for your support.