United Nations Secretary General & the OHCHR: End Genocide against Kemants Now

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This petition is a formal request to the Secretary-General & the Office of United Nations Higher Commissioner for Human Rights to take immediate actions to stop the ongoing Kemant Genocide by Amhara Regional Government, under the political support of the central government of Ethiopia. To urge respectfully the UN body to:

1.  Investigate the systematic, intentional and deliberate killings, abduction of children, imprisonment and displacement of Agaw-Kemants, as well as, destruction/lootings of their belonging, carried out throughout North Gondar, Ethiopia since 2013 to the present.

2.  Refer a report to an appropriate UN body, suspected crime perpetrators against humanity to be tried at the international court.  

3.  Provide humanitarian assistance, including food, shelter and medical assistance to those displaced Kemants living under trees currently.

The present petition is supported by the Agaw Diaspora human rights forum. On a premise of every human being has the inherent right to life, free of physical and emotional pain and torture, please join a campaign against Genocide and give the Kemant victims your support by signing this petition. 

CAUSE: The main cause of Genocide is the Kemant's quest for a local self-government, as per the Ethiopian Constitution Article 39, sub-article 3. Unfortunately, the regional government rejected and decided to eliminate the Keamants from North Gondar rather than dealing with their constitutional demand legally.

DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE: The term Genocide in the current context is defined, upon consideration of actions and intentions of the regime, inline with UN Crime of Genocide Convention, 1948, Article II, which reads systematic and intentional act on a basis of race, ethnicity or religion.


Although killing and detention against Kemants had been overtly evident since 2013, this summary report is limited to 2015 to the present as indicated here:

1.  In 2015, December 9-18, the Amhara Regional Government fielded about 10,000 men, in a combination of militia and paratroops in the Kemant area to take forceful measures against the Kemant people. As a result of this operation:

·   More than 100 women, children, and elders massacred ;

·   86 Kemants wounded; hospitals and clinics were banned by the regional government, not provide medical treatment for wounded Kemants.

·    An unknown number of people were held at a detention center in poor conditions without basic necessities.

·   Approximately, 25,000 people displaced. The displaced victims had been deprived of basic needs, food, shelter and suffered from hunger and diseases.

·     More than 986 residential houses and shops, were burned down emptying enter villages in some localities;

·   42,284 quintals of grain destroyed or looted,

·   More than 18, 700 domestic animals were seized.

·   The total of property loss in the course of 2015 genocide is estimated to be US$34.4 million.

2.   Some prominent Kemant community members thrown to jail with no crime other than coordinating the public demand for self-government. There are today more tha18- political detainees, including a mother of 6-children (Mrs. Banchi Tamru), who has been confined since 2015.  In order to legitimize detention and persecution of the victims, the regional government has used a fake court system, which, police, judges, attorneys and witnesses are not independent of ant-Kemant politics.

3.    On September 1, 2018, 26 Kemant Coordinating Committee members for self-rule were kidnapped by the government security, whilst they were at a meeting in the city of Gondar and kept in detention for 48-days without a due process.

4.   The government organized and armed local squad known as Fano or Gobezaleqa has continued abducting Kemant children and looting cattle since 2013, under the guidance of the government.

5.   At the beginning of October 2018, about 3,000 only Kemant civil servants dismissed from their job and expelled from Shadi, Indaho, Metema and Quara because of their ethnicity. They have currently gathered under trees in Metema (Meqa) and consequently exposed to hunger, sanitation problems and health complications.   

6.    November 1-7, 2018, the government fielded estimated to be 20,000 militia and paratroops in the Kemant homeland, perhaps in an intention to destroy Keamnts once and for all from North Gondar. Considerable destruction was sustained on human life and property:

·   103 Kemants killed by direct gunfire, most of them are shot to death while they were at their farm or looking after their cattle.

·     28 family members burned in the fire to die while they were in their houses.

·     3 prisoners shot to dead by police at a Shinfa detention center

·    More than 47 people sustained an injury

·     15,349 Kemants displaced

·     Whereabouts of 27,083 Kemants not known, there is no emergency task force to determine their status.

·     The worth of US$ 4 million property was looted or burned, that is the equivalent of the annual income of sub-districts of Metema, Shinfa and Metema Yohannes. At the town of Metema Yohannes and environs, Tigrigna ethnic members are also targeted for looting and death.

7.  December 2018 (first week), the regional government paratroops occupied the town of Aykel and burned 400 houses, detained more than 50 people Kemant residents and killed unknown number of people.

8.  January 10-11, 2019, about 4,000 militia men and paratroops surrounded the part of Metema Yohannes, neighborhood called Gondar Ber, which was inhabited by the Kemant people. Then, launched shooting randomly with explosive bomb and bullets the houses while the families were in their respective houses. The entire neighborhood was destroyed as the result of the assault. About 58 human lives were lost and 57 victims were buried in a single grave without knowledge of their families. The similar operation had been taking place all over districts of Quara and Metema. Target areas of Metema include Kekit, Forger, Meqa, Chercher, Jib Washa, Kirkirit, Negeda Bahir and Shinfa. Destruction was extremely heavy in all areas. In Quora and rural Metema, destruction was mainly focused on burning crops and looting cattle.

9. February 6 and 7, 2019, 32-villages, entirely destroyed, including cattle, grain and houses while families inside. About 91,000 the Kemant people have been displaced and currently gathered under trees without food and health services.

The Amhara Regime and its associated Amharic media usually put blame on the Tigrians, sometimes Egyptians for the Agaws/particularly Kemants' awareness for their rights and lately accuse of Oromo media for reporting ongoing Genocide. The fake blame is staged by the regional government to confuse the Ethiopian people and the international community at large, to hide its atrocity against the Kemant people.

There is also unconfirmed report; opposition parties, Amhara National Movement, Beta Amhara, Walkiet militants and the former fighters of Ginbot-7 took part in the Genocide operation against Kemants. The war of genocide is still continuing. The Amhara regional logistically supported by the central government is training 60,000 fresh militias in the district called Tach Armach, for further genocide that expected to expand all Agaw regions. Please also find the following links for additional information:



Chapter 4 of the Book, IDENTITY AND HISTORY: Who Is not Agaw in Gojjam and Gondar, Ethiopia? The Constitution of 1995 and Unequal Treatment of Agaw  People - Beta Israel


It can be recalled, in June 2016 Ethiopian Human Rights Commission reported to the Ethiopian Parliament its findings on the atrocity committed in 2015. As a result, the Parliament passed a resolution, the Kemant victims to receive compensation and perpetrators to be brought to justice, but the Ethiopian Government failed to implement the Parliament's decision. Indeed, the central government’s silence to the crisis is a key reason for extended sufferings of the Kemant people. The central government showed lack of political will and commitment to bring suspected perpetrators, officials to justice, despite systematic atrocity committed against the Kemant population with purity is continuing. That is why; the present petition seeks the UN intervention, to end Genocide against the Kemant people once and for all.

Note: Because we have so many catastrophic genocide pictures, the pictures illustrated in this petition may be changed from time to time.