"Recall Elections"

"Recall Elections"

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Recent events have highlighted an essential truth about the fragility of our system of Government – a system that is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people.


Any government that lies to the voters should be sacked – irrespective of their ideological persuasion, consider:

Red Shirt Rorts - the Government claimed they would fully cooperate with the police inquiry" that did not happen, did it?. The perpetrators of these frauds walked away scot-free.

Canceling the East-West Link will not cost a cent. Well, that was true; it did not cost a cent, just $1.3billion. How many Hospitals could that build?

Government chauffeurs to ferry MP's dogs. New political strategy evolves. Ignore any misstep by politicians and it will go away. The old news approach, later to be followed by the 'I can't remember' strategy.

Traveling expenses rort – how two politicians can blatantly steal from the State by submitting false travel claims and then be let off by repaying the money in part- is one of the most egregious failures of accountability in Political history – if you or I did this we would be locked up. But as with the Chauffer affair, the politicians were quietly moved out of politics to avoid embarrassing the government and we are supposed to forget about it.

The Cedar Meats COVID outbreak. That was handled perfectly, we were told except that the outbreak ran out of control and contact tracing did not work.           

Hotel Quarantine – Now argued to be a Federal responsibility but originally promoted by our Premier convincing all other States and Territories that quarantine should be a State function. This decision by Premier Andrews cost us millions and over 800 lives. The death toll eclipsing most other disasters in the history of this Sate, but where is the accountability for orchestrating the greatest single failure of public policy in Victoria's history and removing our liberties for months in home detention.

The Coate inquiry. Supposedly designed to quell community disquiet, treated the electorate as idiots as a conga line of bureaucrats and politicians lined up and read from the same song sheet, “I can’t remember” was the common refrain. The handpicked legal team that failed to test witnesses were handsomely rewarded with appointments to the Court bench as Judges. How blatantly obvious but clearly that doesn’t matter we will just cop it.

The Government didn’t even offer the courtesy to wait a reasonable period before granting these rewards That is because the Government has moved to a state of entitlement not answerable even to their own party faithful with the closing down of the Labour party members, let alone anybody else.

ICook Foods is the latest scandal to surface with the Government deliberately trying to destroy a legitimate small business to secure the total market. This scandal looks to be multiple Local Governments acting in concert with the State Government supported by Federal Politicians to destroy a small business by allegedly criminal activity. A blatant attempt to develop a socialist model for businesses controlled by the State.

That is a level of hubris that surpasses all previous Governments of any persuasion in this State.

And the biggest lie of all -

 The Premier said, "You Victorians did well to defeat the second wave of Covid 19 but we as a government handled it perfectly" An absolutely incredible claim.  They just caused it!

This Governments ineptitude cost 800 Victorians their lives in one of Australia's top 10 peacetime disasters and there is nothing we can do about it.

You should not have to put up with this and DIRECT DEMOCRACY offers a pathway to forcing governments to be honest and accountable to their voters. Avoiding Governments moving to totalitarianism without checks and balances from the people.

A "Recall' may be a big stick we rarely use, but it is reassuring to have one.

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31,722 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!