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We, the undersigned, call on the Parliament of Western Australia to support and ensure the reappointment of John McKechnie QC as the Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission for a further five years.

There is no person more qualified for or suited to the job.

The Commission needs a leader who is courageous, fierce and the embodiment of integrity. Mr McKechnie is that person.

Mr McKechnie has more than proven his worth. In his time as Commissioner, the Corruption and Crime Commission has uncovered a series of high-level corruption scandals and exposed corrupt conduct by public servants involving hundreds of thousands of dollars of Western Australian taxpayers’ money. This has included the largest case of public sector corruption in Australian history (within the Department of Communities).

He is the first and only Commissioner to serve a full five-year term and the first Commissioner to seek reappointment - further reflecting his resilience and tenacity in the fight against corruption.

Mr McKechnie was the "outstanding candidate" recommended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chief Judge of the District Court. 

He has the bipartisan support of the Premier and Leader of the Labor Party, Mr Mark McGowan, and the Leader of the Opposition, Ms Liza Harvey. 

As a result of the outstanding job he has done in tackling corruption in the State, he also has the overwhelming support of the public.

There is still much important work to do. Now is not the time for change. Both the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption and the SA Independent Commissioner Against Corruption have publicly issued statements drawing attention to the increased potential for corruption as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19.

It is in the best interests of Western Australia that Mr McKechnie be reappointed as the Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission.