Save our Allotments

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The Allotments King's Somborne
The Allotments King's Somborne signed this petition

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the sale of the much-cherished village asset – the Allotments in King’s Somborne. This highly popular facility, used by many residents and supported by even more is an important amenity that genuinely works towards the benefit of the community through well-being, fitness and growing our own fruit and vegetables, but most importantly and uniquely, the integration of the community from all walks of life. We call on the Diocese of Winchester to:

1.    Stop the plan to sell the King’s Somborne Allotments, Furzedown Road to secure its long-term future for the village 

2.    Gift or offer this vital facility back to the community at Allotment market value to allow it to continue its important role in bringing the community together as it has done for many decades.

The Allotments have been in the village for over 100 years, gifted originally by the land owners to the church and used by the community as a very important asset and ‘community touch point’ for this entire time. Families from all backgrounds come together, work with nature to learn and enjoy the fruits of their labour and build this truly unique community. The residents needed many years of hard work and love, to get their plot to the stage they are in now and there is understandably very strong emotional ties to the site, offering an alternative location is not the answer.  

In the name of god, this love should not be ignored as it said ‘…God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.’  

The Allotments would have enjoyed special protection if owned by local government (Borough or Parish) through legislation for the unique position they hold in the community. The Diocese of Winchester should review its current actions and work with the community rather than against it. The Allotments in its current central location is an important and unique place accessible to all villagers.