Class 1 eBike Study for Boulder CO Mountain Bike Trails

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Are you an eBike rider who is frustrated that Boulder County still bans Class 1 pedal assist mountain bikes (eMTBs) from foothills/mountain trails? Would you like to legally ride your Class 1 eBike anywhere traditional bicycles are allowed?   We are asking the Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee and the Boulder County Commissioners to conduct a pilot study of Class 1 eMTBs on foothills/mountain trails.  Please join us by signing this petition.  

Some background info:  
In 2019, Boulder conducted a pilot study on the effects of eBikes on regional connector trails and bike paths.  After the study, eBikes were approved on most of these trails, however, eBikes are still banned on foothills/mountain trails in Boulder County.  Boulder eBike Regulations

In 2018, Jefferson County conducted a similar study, but they also looked at the impact of eBikes on foothills/mountain trails.  After the study, Class 1 eBikes were approved on ALL trails where traditional bikes are allowed.  Since that time, there have been no reported increases in user conflict or trail damage attributed to eBikes in Jeffco.  EBikes and traditional bikes peacefully coexist in Jeffco, just as they do throughout Europe and most of Asia.  Jeffco eBike Regulations

Data from three separate studies including Boulder, Jeffco, and Maricopa County Arizona report zero conflicts between e-bikers and other users on natural surface trails. Presently, Colorado Springs and Durango are conducting eBike studies on select mountain bike trails.  Why is Boulder not looking at this issue and continues to ban Class 1 eBikes on foothills/mountain trails when there is no data to support this ban?

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