Petition to stop the import of readymade pesticide formulations to save the Indian Farmers

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It’s not about how enthusiastically you are planning for it…. it’s about how you are setting the actions to achieve it.

India is planning for “Make in India” and “Doubling the farming Income by 2022”.

India is setting the action in the form of Pesticide Management Bill to stop pesticide manufacturing in India so that Importers/MNCs can loot Indian farmers. By twisting the Indian government policy under Insecticide Act, since 2007, Importers/ MNCs are selling the imported pesticides at six to seven times higher price than the actual selling price of that pesticide. Now they are trying to legalize this theft under Pesticide Management Bill which is set to replace Insecticide Act.

We call upon Hon’ble Narendra Modi Ji, Prime Minister of India to intervene and to stop legalization of this horrifying theft from Indian farmers and to stop the import of readymade pesticide formulation.