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For nearly a decade the customers of Vero Beach electric system have been trying to become FPL customers to have lower rates and protection of our consumer rights and representation. City voters have supported the City’s sale of its electric system to FPL through multiple referendums, and have continually elected pro-sale candidates to represent us on the Vero Beach City Council.

Now, just when the City and FPL have received all of the approvals necessary to move forward and bring us lower rates, the Florida Industrial Power Users Group (FIPUG) has protested the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) approval – causing unnecessary delay that will cost Vero Beach electric system customers millions of dollars every month. Many of FIPUG’s members already enjoy the benefits of being an FPL customer, and stand to gain even more when Vero Beach customers join FPL. All of FPL’s existing customers, including FIPUG members, are expected to see more than $100 million in savings, as documented by FPL in filings at the PSC. Yet FIPUG members are standing in the way of Vero Beach customers experiencing the same.

We, the undersigned Vero Beach electric system customers, request that the Florida Industrial Power Users Group drop its protest at the Florida Public Service Commission and allow the Vero Beach electric system sale to be completed. Every day that this transaction is delayed costs us money.