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Petition to STOP Attny Irving Pinsky's $100 Million Newtown Shooting Lawsuit

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New Haven, Connecticut Attorney, Irving Pinsky, has filed a request with the State of Connecticut Claims Commissioner requesting permission to sue the State of CT, the Board of Education and the Department of Education. He is seeking $100 million dollars on behalf of 6 year old "Jill Doe", a Sandy Hook Elementary school student who survived the shootings but whom Irving claims, "sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury" when she heard violence in the form of "conversations, gunfire and screaming" over the school's intercom system. Pinsky further claims that the suit is not about money but about the state Board of Education, Department of Education and state education commissioner failing to protect the child "from foreseeable harm".

As Americans, we must fight this suit! It is ethically and morally wrong. Sandy Hook Elementary School had recently improved security in their school including a new intercom system and sign in procedure. It had also practiced student evacuation drills. How could any American have foreseen the events of 12/14/12 when this gunman forcibly entered the school building by shooting out a window? What American could have foreseen a mass murderer shooting 6 and 7 year old children in cold blood within an elementary school? I ask, what more could these 6 murdered Sandy Hook educators have done? The principal of the school was shot and killed while attempting to disarm the gunman. The teachers and educators that were murdered all died while trying to save the lives of their students. The very intercom that Attorney Pinsky claims to have traumatized this 6 year old likely saved her life by forewarning her and her teachers of the imminent threat. The responsible party who planned and executed this tragic attack is dead - a coward who took his own life as authorities closed in on him.

The parents who sanctioned this lawsuit have their six year old to celebrate Christmas or Hannuka with, birthdays, high school graduation, their wedding, grandchildren and the list continues. This child has a second chance at life! What about the twenty families of children that will never have these opportunities? What would they give to have their children back with them? What would the six families of the adults lost do for a second chance with their loved ones?

Please sign this petition to STOP this lawsuit and others like it. This lawsuit will not help the Newtown community and the victim's families to heal. We are Americans. We will stand together in solidarity and we will work harder to make America a better place for all those who live here and believe in its promise. Thank You.


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