Stop 5G Small Cell Permitting By Public Works, By Adopting An Urgency Ordinance In Upland!

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We the residents of Upland, California, respectfully ask the Upland City Council to adopt an urgency ordinance which is allowed under the California Government Code under Section 65858(a). An urgency ordinance can be effectively used to halt the permitting of 5G Small Cell Antennas in the City of Upland, that currently only require a right-of-way encroachment permit issued by the Public Works Department. An urgency ordinance is very necessary because the City of Upland has reduced its permitting practices and now allows 5G cellphone antennas in residential neighborhoods on city street-lights and utility-poles without any public hearings!

Nor any public notification and without due process! The Upland Planning Commission has no ability to review or approve these 5G cellphone antennas. The required 200 feet set-backs from residential homes, as dictated by the Upland Municipal Code, has been abolished! These right-of-way permits are completely inconsistent and not in compliance with our Upland Municipal Code under section 17.50.050, which states it is ILLEGAL to erect a cellphone antenna in any district zoned residential. All of our public protections above have been dismantled without one public hearing nor one letter being mailed to any resident by the City of Upland. 

Very conservative estimates reveal that 5G deployment means each wireless carrier will require 10,000 small cell 5G antennas, per square mile. Multiply that 10,000 times (4) to represent Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & AT&T! That's 40,000 small cell 5G antennas per square mile. That conservative number is based on each carrier having 5G small cell antennas installed every 800 feet, when in reality, the wireless industry is installing their 5G small cell antennas EVERY 300-500 FEET! If each carrier installed them at only 300 feet apart, Upland would have upwards of 106,400 small cell 5G antennas, per square mile.

The wireless devices being used today utilize between 2 – 8 GHz. 5G will use between 30GHz to 300GHz! This means going from today's top end of 8GHz to as high as 300GHz. These 5G small cell antennas will be incredibly close to our Upland homes and are expected to be as close as 25-35 feet, without any human health testing whatsoever! The wireless industry admits they have conducted NO human health studies regarding 5G deployment. They admit they have no plans to conduct any health studies now or in the future, when testifying before the US Congress.

We are aware that Upland Public Works has already issued permits and has been approached by at least 3 wireless carriers. We are aware of a report citing thousands of medical and scientific peer-reviewed studies that shows negative human health effects can result from exposure to non-thermal radiation. That report was prepared by "29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and five full members of BEMS. One distinguished author is the Chair of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation.  Another is a Senior Advisor to the European Environmental Agency.”

As a resident of Upland, California and by signing below, I respectfully ask my city council to adopt an urgency ordinance that will allow our city to protect our public safety, health and the welfare of its residents by adopting an interim ordinance prohibiting any uses that may be in conflict with a contemplated zoning proposal that the city is considering within a reasonable period of time. It also halts the issuance of additional right-of-way encroachment permits, while the city is drafting an appropriate Small Cell Telecommunication Ordinance for adoption, which is lacking from our current municipal code today. A Small Cell Telecommunications Ordnance is necessary to restore our local control by bringing these important issues back before the Upland Planning Commission. That would benefit the residents tremendously by requiring public hearings where citizens can be involved, add input and understand the process and the progress. Thank you Upland City Council for your prompt attention and urgent action, in advance.