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Mission and Goals: Encouraging a global movement that strengthens social responsibility and people’s democratic participation in the decisions impacting their lives by adopting, knowing and owning and be guided by the fully comprehensive human rights framework .. --providng a solid  infrastructure to  sustain  change to furthers economic and social justce issues.…

A commitment to implement UN General Assembly Resolution 64/82 on the ‘Follow up to the International Year of Human Rights Learning’, of 10 December 2009, calling on “civil society (to) play an important role at the national, regional and international levels in the development and facilitation of ways and means to promote and implement learning about human rights as a way life at the community level” 

Join to facilitate and create an international cadre of women and men –each in their own country, integrating learning human rights as a way of life as relevant to people's concerns and aspirations through a wide array of local activities, guiding and improving the quality of life in communities across the globe for families, neighborhoods, and nations.  The “Corps for HR Learning” will include members of NGOs, business, government, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and those committed to local economic and social justice causes both as volunteers and/or professionals.  Members of the CORP will serve as mentors and monitors and will maintain contact with international and regional Centers as they work to develop human rights cities anchoring such learning in community experience. Support will be requested to provide human rights learning in their locals leading to the development of human rights cities where such learning is ddemonstratedand and disseminated toward a unique transformation.

Letter to
The President of the United States
Dear Friends who know that we must re imagine , redraft and recast human rights through learning about it as a way of life..
In twenty years of experience, in more than 100 countries around the world, we learned that human rights are the banks of the river in which life can flow freely. And when the floods come those who know and own human rights as a fundamental value system join to participate in the decision that determine their lives and join to raise the banks and divert the floods to maintain and suatina a society that is free from fear and free form want.
When women, men, youth and children belong in community in dignity with others they are able to break through the vicious cycle of humiliation, where people exchange their equality for survival.
We must be determined to do all we can to change the future and see in the far horizon a possible new world order.
Many of us do not articulate this vision by quoting human rights norms and standards, but intuitively we practice and fight for human rights as a way of life, encompassing a holistic vision that stands to fulfill humanity’s age-old hopes and expectations. --in the words of Nelson Mandela—create a new political culture based on human rights.
If those of us working to make this world a better place took the time to learn, discuss and know human rights as a moral imperative that we have for one another, our vision can extend beyond the “shimmering horizon,” vertically and horizontally. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of human rights as “unconditional love,” calling on all to accept them as guided by a moral authority, calling for a society where all people realize human rights as a way of life.
Allow me humbly to ask you to walk with us into this discourse, slowly and thoughtfully. Let us join in bringing a new expansive meaning to this overarching holistic vision and practical mission through learning and dialogue, and creating an intentional Corps for all around the world to learn human rights as a way of life. We have no other option.
Throughout human history of wars, famine, humiliation and intolerance come great moments of transcendence that liberated us and allows us to walk away from slavery towards freedom, endowing us with real, vital and meaningful hope and tools for action. It is our responsibility to recognize and capture these magical moments and do all we can to have people know the meaning of human rights in their lives. (Imposed ignorance is a human rights violation.) And when we learn we reinvent our lives, adding a vibrant link to the chain of humanity's expectations for dignity, equality and life without discrimination. The human rights framework deliveres to humanity a new space to belong, calling for democracy to be a delivery system of human rights—moving charity to dignity.
In conclusion: Having facilitated for the st 20 years a large number of programs I find it so gratifying and amazing how people develop systemic analysis and critical thinking when introduced to human rights as a way of life. Can we do it in the USA? People spontaneously distinguish symptoms and causes. Honest discussions between women and men about patriarchy and the causes of human rights violation lead to critical thinking and changing attitudes and behavior necessary for sustained realization of human rights. (The good news is that the City Council of Washington, DC, following a learning program throughout the educational system, and now entering the larger community, has declared Washington, DC a Human Rights City.)
It is our duty and our responsibility to join in developing the “Copse” and insure that in the next 10 to 15 years there will be no person in the world that will not know and own human rights as “preventive medicine” to secure the future of humanity and the environment we live in..—it is universal , interconnected and indivisible .
There is no other option!
For more information about our work at the community level learning Human Rights please call us at
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