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Petition to Save the American Dream

The American Dream is an often romanticized notion that has captured the world’s imagination and has come to represent the rewards of hard work, rugged individualism, intellectual pursuits and a commitment to the greater good. But the very fundamentals of the American Dream: employment, home ownership, entrepreneurship, education and financial security, are at risk.

Our local communities make this country strong.  More than 65% of net new jobs in America over the past 17 years – and most innovations – have come from small businesses.  However, when it comes to the economy or personal financial security, small businesses and Americans are not particularly positive. What is needed is an environment where we all are able to find jobs, or feel secure about the jobs we have, and where small businesses are able to access the credit necessary for growth and expansion. The key to a robust job market is growth in the small business sector. When jobs are abundant in America, consumer confidence is high, creating strong economic growth and long term stability.

More than half of small business loans stem from community banks and credit unions, meaning our community-based financial institutions provide a financial foundation for the creation of new businesses, new jobs, new opportunities and, most importantly, strong economic growth and long-term stability.

American policies have made it more challenging than ever to start and run a small business. Excessive regulations consume valuable business resources and increase costs, making American products and services more expensive. At the same time, toughened lending standards and capital constraints make it hard for community-based financial institutions to give small businesses the credit they need to grow and hire employees.

Policymakers continue to compound the death of the American Dream through the cumulative weight of regulations that lay heavy on community financial institutions, impeding banks and credit unions from helping small businesses the country over.

The road to economic recovery begins and ends with Main Street America.  Policymakers need to aid economic growth by supporting community financial institutions, not regulations that stifle them.

Sign this petition and let your Member of Congress know that you urge them to support community banks and credit unions by opposing any regulations that stifle and derail economic growth and the creation of jobs.

Take action now.  Together, let’s save the American Dream.

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