Petitioning Steamship Authority to run fast ferry service from MV-WH for July/August 2018

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With the recent commonality of many mechanical breakdowns on several different boats run by the SSA and a demonstrated inability to resolve the problems and provide reliable service; we as a community are asking for fast ferry passenger service in July and August of 2018.

Reliable SSA service to Martha's Vineyard is vital for a healthy island economy. As summer looms we request at the upcoming June meeting of the board of governors to vote on an emergency RFP to be drafted in order to start the bidding process to provide fast ferry passenger service as expediently as possible.

Martha's Vineyard is a brand and a boost in confidence in reliable travel is needed as we head into our busiest season. As best summed up by the recent Boston Globe article regarding yet again another engine failure on the Nantucket line 5/22, "It was the latest failure in a months-long series of breakdowns that have island residents on Nantucket and neighboring Martha’s Vineyard as well as public officials growing increasingly concerned about the agency’s ability to provide reliable service with the summer season’s unofficial start just a few days away."