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Petition to Replace James Corden In All Future Endeavours with Matt Hoss

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I think it is imperative we replace James Corden with Matt Hoss (not the one from YouTube, the one from Yorkshire). James Corden is not a particularly talented or nice man yet he is somehow a huge American entertainment juggernaut. I think Matt Hoss is better suited, qualified and equipped for the formal position of huge American entertainment juggernaut.

Let's look at it statistically:
James Corden is a plump British man who moved to America where he could convince everyone he is charming and funny simply because he is British when in reality he is neither charming or funny. You know what? James Corden is someone who would probably dress up as Adolf Hitler!! That is vile and disgusting and a man like that should not be celebrated as an American icon of the screen and small stage.

Matt Hoss on the other hand is a cherub-shaped British man who probably would like to go to America and meet Anna Kendrick and doesn't need to convince anyone of his charm or his Master's degree in comedy. Another bonus point in Matt's favour is that he is a vegan which also means he's a vegetarian. He also would never joke about Harvey Weinstein because he mainly does self-deprecating material.

On top of that, Matt can pretend to rap too.

So, in conclusion, make Matt Hoss the new James Corden in all his various chat shows, his acting projects, his lucrative voice-over work and his upcoming and future endeavours.

#TheMattMattShow #CordenIsTheOldHoss #CordonOffCorden #GavisonAndStacey #FUCKMATTHOSS

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