Petition to remove the Marlborough Hill School Street traffic control scheme

Petition to remove the Marlborough Hill School Street traffic control scheme

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Why this petition matters

Started by Samantha Pali

This petition is asking for Harrow Council to listen to residents of Marlborough Ward and the wider area, in asking for the Marlborough Hill School Street traffic scheme to be removed immediately and restore "usual crossing measures" at the school, such as a lollipop person.

Only 4% of those contacted responded to the last consultation according to the TARSAP (traffic panel) meeting. Residents who should have had exemptions or other genuine reasons, have had huge stress as they have been met with a completely unresponsive council, no help from their local councillors (also unresponsive) and threat letters demanding high fines unless payment is made, and/or threats of court.

After speaking to several residents and hearing about problems others have had. I have been made aware this is actually now more dangerous for children, as traffic is pushed into surrounding roads which are congested and school children still have to cross but further away, and further from any supervision near the school gates. Residents also report their friends and family not wanting to come and visit as much for fear of tickets, so it is impacting their usual way of life.

Residents report greater congestion, some have had damage to their cars due to congestion just outside of the zone and from cars attempting to turn around in a tight space. Also featured in this national newspaper article:

Surrounding roads beyond the school street zone have now gained extra traffic, as cars have just moved to the next nearest spaces to stop. All this does is just shift the issue away from the school but into nearby roads. It is in fact safer to control children crossing immediately outside their school than further away in the neighbouring roads where they have to fend for themselves without any school supported measures.

Please sign and share this petition to all your friends , colleagues and family to seek removal of this scheme and allow all road users, including carers, delivery drivers, taxis, workmen, etc. normal access to this road, friends and relatives of those who live within the Marlborough Hill zone.


Samantha Pali

94 have signed. Let’s get to 100!