Petition to Remove HCGOP Chair Arch Trimble IV

Petition to Remove HCGOP Chair Arch Trimble IV

June 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by PE Chattanooga

This is a petition for TNGOP leadership to remove Hamilton County Tennessee Republican Party (HCGOP) Chair Arch Trimble IV from leadership for malfeasance and incompetence.

The following outline his acts: 

- Openly promoting the contamination by Democrats of the Republican Primary by RAIDING the ballot with crossovers votes. 95% in one precinct alone.  No vetting of voter bonification. These Democrats do not want to be Republicans, but openly stated crossing over to spoil the vote by voting for the WEAKEST Republican candidates, like the guy that licks microphones. They want ones they can beat in the General, documented.    

- Attempted to thwart the TNGOP State Bylaws. Also sought to create new PAC to control HCGOP monies outside the HCGOP. The state Bylaws are followed by 95 counties, why is he "special?"

- Vilifying America 1st Patriots calling them RINOs when in fact they are the MAJORITY of the Republican Party that grew to RECORD LEVELS under President Trump and not the Mitch McConnell/Weston Wamp UNIPARTY RINOS. 

- Openly stated the Constitution is a living document. (This is a progressives view of the Constitution, not a Constitutional Conservative's view)

- Openly backed and promoted specific primary candidates over other candidates violating the TNGOP Bylaws for neutral position of the HCGOP and his responsibility as a leader of the HCGOP.

- Openly recruiting challengers to go after candidate's bonification status which is normally done by challengers on their own not sponsored by the HCGOP Chair, again picking sides violating state BYLAWS. At the same time, ignoring other non-bonified candidates and allowing them to run in the primary with NO CHALLENGES. Picking winners and losers from the party chair.  

- Shuttering the HCGOP Campaign HQ. No public face of the HCGOP for marketing, store, merchandise, etc. 

- Degraded Lincoln Day dinner, poor speakers, lower attendance, less money than previous year during the peak of Covid. 

- Technology neophyte, openly stated he does not engage in social media for growth, branding, outreach. No vision for the future! No understanding of outreach and outsider threats. 

- No apologies or correction for the 30% Democrat crossover votes, no statement of fixing it in future elections and/or vetting bonified status of candidates as required by law under penalty of perjury for crossovers oaths.  

- Bailed as Pachyderm President leaving mid-term and in a bankrupt state.

- Does not understand the demographics of Hamilton County, the base, the  community sectors or Democrat groups and threats to the party. 

These are just a few of Arch’s greatest hits. It's time for the TNGOP to remove him from leadership with a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE!

Just remember this was Senator Bo Watson's personal handpicked candidate that he recommended to lead the Hamilton County Republican Party. That should tell you a lot about Senator Watson’s compass. The Republican base needs to clean house on these PROGRESSIVE UNIPARTY wolves to build a solid America First Party if they plan to win any future races or just go home and let the Democrats choose your candidates. 

If you missed Arch's leaked audio. CLICK HERE 

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Signatures: 170Next Goal: 200
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