PETITION: to REMOVE 5-G Cell Towers from our Residential Neighborhoods

PETITION: to REMOVE 5-G Cell Towers from our Residential Neighborhoods

February 6, 2022
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Jeannie Cue Tulsa City Council and 6 others
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DATE: Signatures from February ____, 2022.       

Please Sign online at bottom, or Download and Print to share, and collect for Monday Feb 21st 7P meeting at 7707 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK 74136

We, the residents of South Tulsa, of Walnut Creek and other surrounding community and neighborhood associations,


That our local Neighborhood Association, our local City Council, our Tulsa Mayor, our Governor, Attorney General of Oklahoma, our FAA officials, FCC Codes, all local and regional and international Cell Phone Companies and Owners of such, Locally connected utility companies, Streets & Stormwater Permit Dept, Construction Inspection Dept, Health Dept, and our Tulsa Co Court, OK Corporation Commission, Environmental Commission Real Estate Commission and Media of Television, Radio and Newspapers,

                                      ASSIST US IMMEDIATELY in:

* REMOVE, of all 5-G towers in densely populated residential neighborhoods.


Last Weds, Feb 3rd 2022 or earlier, with no published notice to us, the residents of this nice South Tulsa neighborhood behind ORU, nor to our Walnut Creek Neighborhood Association, nor to our City Council, suddenly ugly metal 5-G towers were plunged into our yards! This violated the IPMC INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MAINTENANCE CODE that demands they notify residents prior to installation! Section 108, 109, 112, 302 site possible violation issues. See link at: on our website:

WE BELIEVE: Current 5G tower installations violate ethics, residential, and building and FAA codes, and local and possibly federal laws & Real Estate statutes, and health laws/codes.

                                               Here are the issues:

*A:These unsightly metal towers loom over 20 ft, and are an Ugly Eye Sore: which devalues our property re sell values. Never mind the possible land tax issues?

*B: No one was notified before the installation crews suddenly showed up to dig holes in our yards and insert towers in our yards!
(Why weren’t they erected on public highways or nearby city fields instead, or the Arkansas River bed to the west, or its islands at safe distance from residential or business areas? If 5-G signals are more economically desired, than 3 or 4-g, than why suddenly saturate profusely our densely populated living spaces, when the previous towers did not necessitate that? SUSPICIOUS!!!! Why wasn't the legal and moral precedence of a decade ago followed this time, where:

EXAMPLE: 1990's A local mega church pastor, on So Lewis Ave, was approached by Verizon Cell Phone Co, asking to purchase or rent a slice of their church property for a 3-G or 4-G tower to be raised. Request was answered by a local lawyer drafting a contract of rental agreement, with authority to evict the company if it's tower ever violated health or safety concerns, or if it failed to pay rent, and at the end of contract period it was to be reviewed for renewal or rejected for eviction and removal of equipment. WE ASK WHY THAT SAME LOGICAL & ETHIC & LEGAL PRECEDENCE HAS BEEN IGNORED THIS TIME and BY WHO? What owners of the towers disregard our rights? Who are they? Are they US citizens paying taxes and experiencing the effect of this upon us locally, regarding our civil rights, or are they overseas non citizen investors/stockholders?

*C: Medical Issues!
• Europe had massive protests/marches = Result: 5-G was outlawed in some
• WA state in Jan 2022 shut down air control towers/flights because of 5-g cell phone signals interference in inclement weather. Foreign Airlines shut down American flights due to unresolved FAA issues of 5-G cell phone tower interference. How many accidents/deaths might that cause as we are beneath flight patterns to Tulsa International Airport and Jenks Airport?(SEE NEWS LINK BOTTOM OF PAGE)
•Medical entities warned us not to carry 3-G or 4-G cell phones constantly on our bodies due to suspected cancer causing harm. Pacemakers at risk too and other medical or technical devices in our homes?. What is the effect of constant bombardment of 5-G signals EMF on infants & elderly? And 5-G Monitoring of the new passport chips of vaccinated persons; such as initiated last month with the new "Epicentre" Company's device implants ? (SEE NEWS LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)
*How severely could the EMF signals effect neighborhood residents and nearby ORU dormitory students & faculty? (See NEWS LINKS)

1: Mayor GT Bynum revoked the Permit of Streets & Stormwater Dept. But why can't we get a copy of it? Permit # & Names? Why did installation crews refuse to show permit? Where is proof that property maps were examined, approved for easement lines, where they purportedly installed the towers? Why did they refuse to show them to inquiring property owners who asked? Did they follow IPMC?

2: Who signed permits or contracts & who issued it? Who requested it? Were local utility companies such as PSO/AEP or ONG involved or co contracted with the Cellular Companies of Cox, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint?

3: Are there City of Tulsa Contracts with the installation company?

4: What inspection dept verified it’s safety & was the tower properly installed? Were concrete footings sunk 5 ft into the ground first or not? In a known “fracking/quake” area that has previously suffered structure damage to Walnut Creek Neighborhood homes and others, was the absence of such structure a 'separation code' violation? Who has inspected this factor? Are the towers safe or likely to lean or topple? Were Compaction Studies and “R” Value studies done on soil strata to support Towers? IPMC 2018

5: The antenna that is yet to top the tower, is how high? How sturdy? In so-called:“Tornado Alley” could it pose a risk to topple upon our rooftops less than 25 ft away? Or become a projectile in a severe wind storm or a lightning-strike attractable object? Where is the government data about codes & inspection? We demand to know if the towers have satisfied that?

6: What safety insulation to the metal pole will be installed, as yet there is none. Codes? Inspection?

7: Medical issues:  (*Scientific & "Anecdotal" both must be examined, as some issues ignored/labeled as"Anecdotal" have now won court cases gaining legal credibility & merited new updated study research.) Are we to now sell our paid-off expensive homes & move to a safe no 5-G zone? Having had no warning or say in the matter?! If more medical solid evidence of danger keeps mounting, doesn’t that damage the resale value of our homes?! Yes! (See recent FCC Judgement from Washington DC: US Court of Appeals, Aug 13, 2021, which proved FCC & FDA negligence of failure to update the 1996 radio-frequency (RF) emission guidelines to adequately to protect the public, therefore likely responsible in medical trauma to children. (“Children's Defense Fund -vs- FCC” by Robert Kennedy Jr.) Is our Health Dept, Streets & Storm Permit Dept, Mayor, City Council aware of that out-dated basis upon which 5-G Tower companies base their bid to install towers in our neighborhoods? Are State Legislators aware recent bills were based on this faulty-information?8: What about the flight patterns of Tulsa Airport & JENKS over the towers? Will they experience the shut downs via 5-G Cell Phone Tower interference as in WA state last week?!?!(SEE MEDIA LINKS on last page)

9: Do any overseas, non American citizen, investors/stockholders owners control this? If so what is their share holding level? What court addresses any transgressions or holds them responsible for financial damages? Local, Federal or UN court? How complicated would seeking legal justice become?

10: Who pays medical bills if we residents suffer damage?

11: Who repays us lost property value? Who evaluates that fairly for the unsightly menace and medical endangerment issues, that decrease our resale value of our real estate properties?

13: Why wasn't the Walnut Creek Neighborhood Association contacted? And why were residents, who pay dues, to protect our properties and health, not contacted?

14: Why did Parks & Recreation Dept allow the violation of 5-G Towers to be installed in Chandler Park only 1600 ft from the kiddie swimming pool instead of the legal 1600 yard distance limit? What might be the medical hazard outcome stats?

15: What is the Mayor & City Council's plan for Infrastructure of 5G Towers in Tulsa? Is it a written plan? Can we get a copy? Who is on the team of planners? Bio: Profiles of Qualification PLEASE!? Biophysics Experts? EMF Experts? Ecology Environmental Experts? Legal Experts? IPMC Experts? FAA Experts? Are they using the FCC Guidelines that were rebuked and judged negligent, by Aug 13 2021 Washington DC Appeals Court, (never having been updated since 1996)?

                                SOLUTION PROPOSAL WE DEMAND:

*This matter needs a Tulsa Co Court injunction after a cease & desist letter is mailed to the offending companies involved in the installation of the 5-G towers in our densely populated neighborhoods.
*This needs Investigation by all entities listed in opening paragraph..
*This needs local, state & federal government vote from our reps & our citizens! *This needs a Mayor's Town Hall Open Meeting.

*This needs a City Council Meeting.

*This needs a Zoning Meeting and Inspection Review. (The excuse that Federal or Out of State Forces are in control is not acceptable and must be revoked, expelled).  (Who has a commercial business license issued to operate/activate the towers' systems on private neighborhood residential zoning?

*This needs our Governor's attention and EMERGENCY order to halt all 5-G tower installations until the above matters can be addressed thoroughly and properly.& A New State Legislative Action

*This may necessitate law enforcement Protection Orders for property owners, whose properties were violated by this installation and controversy, that they not be harmed nor involved in media coverage for their privacy if they so choose. And to protect them from vigilante groups who (as in Europe) have attacked such targets of late across the globe! We filed Police Report #2022301982 & with Sheriff also.

*This needs Board of Real Estate Commission Evaluation, of damage to our re-sale property value and a court order to repay that value to neighborhood residents directly and indirectly effected, as some would choose to sell and move away from the hazard and eyesore of the ugly towers.

*This needs Tulsa Tax Assessors evaluation to lower property tax value and taxes on real estate that has suffered a recess in value as a result of the tower installation and its controversial problems that would be known to potential clients wishing to purchase our homes. That potentially injures the city's income and ability to utilize taxes to serve our community.

*It may need to be on a Voter Ballot at our next State/County/Federal election too.


                                       Our Solution suggestion?

• Move 5-G Towers to the river area west of Tulsa, to an island area or river bank far enough away from dwellings & businesses to be safe. Or to city owned fields that fit safe zoning as outlined above, likewise. We issued a Notice to Cease & Desist on Feb 18 to: Verizon, Cox, PSO, ONG, T-mobile US Celluar, & City & State Offices. It contained 2 pages of signatures of local concerned residents.

                               SEE LINKS OF SUBSTANTIATING FACTS:

Sources: Washington Post, Fox News, DailyWire, PBS, more...etc...(or  

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Signatures: 125Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Tulsa City CouncilJeannie Cue
  • Tulsa Mayor's Office
  • Walnut Creek Neighborhood AssociationManager of Walnut Creek Neighborhood Asscociation
  • Governor Kevin SnittGovernor of OK
  • Tulsa FAA Office