Petition to reinstate Mr. Collins's employment status at Towson High School

Petition to reinstate Mr. Collins's employment status at Towson High School

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Why this petition matters

Started by Laya Fridman

This petition is to reinstate Mr. Daniel Collins to his previous employment status at Towson High School (THS). He has repeatedly shown his commitment to the quality of both the education and personal care of his students. Regardless of the sometimes challenging or seemingly impossible circumstances (such as a global pandemic) Mr. Collins consistently exceeds expectations for the quality of his work. Through instances like creating intensive writing workshops (infamously known as DBQcember), Mr. Collins has originated inventive and intellectually challenging initiatives to improve his students' writing and argumentative skills. 

Mr. Collins has also demonstrated his immense value to the progression and improvement of the Law and Public Policy magnet program at THS. This is evident through his construction of an original course entitled Public Policy. This course has been successful in giving his students the agency to complete a semester project that involves constructing their own policy and attempting to get it approved in the real world. Clearly, Mr. Collins is committed to teaching his students experientially so they will possess practical skills for their future. This is valued greatly by his past and present students, including but not limited to those undersigned. 

Additionally, he heads the mock trial team, a team which has garnered success and admiration in competition year after year. This requires extra hours that Mr. Collins puts into the program, again demonstrating his passion for the subject and commitment to his students. 

He fights for his students and always has their best interests at heart, a value which is cherished by his students and notably lacking in some other members of faculty. His classroom is a safe space for his students to feel comfortable being themselves. 

A good teacher provides content and a great teacher gives learning opportunities and supports their students. But through his commitment, innovation, and passion that is always evident in his teaching, Mr. Collins surpasses even these categories. Losing Mr. Collins will be the biggest mistake that the Towson Administration could make if they value the LPP program, Mock Trial, Softball, the Social Studies department, and/or the opinions of their current students and alumnai. 

We who have signed this petition ask the administration to reconsider their decision in moving Mr. Collins' to half status, essentially forcing this to be his last year of teaching at Towson High School. This is due (but not limited) to the arguments outlined above, and the love that Mr. Collins' students, both past and present, have for him and his teaching. 

69 have signed. Let’s get to 100!