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Petition to reform the International College Alumni Association

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A.    The Current Situation

IC is one of the most established and reputable educational institutions in Lebanon and the Middle East, one that boasts a prestigious academic standing, a well-rounded multi-disciplinary educational approach, and a vast network of over 10,000 alumni many of whom are distinguished in their respective fields. This tradition of excellence has produced several of Lebanese and Middle Eastern society’s most influential individuals, all of whom are vocal in expressing pride in this institution that has helped shape both their personal and professional values.

In addition to this tradition of academic excellence, IC fosters a sense of community and belonging amongst its students and alumni characterized by shared values of progress, secularism, and internationalism.

Building on what was mentioned above, the current structure and protocols of the IC Alumni Association do not allow its students and alumni to effectively participate in and benefit from the IC network, name, and facilities after graduation. The following points are the key areas in which the structure of the current Alumni Association is not up to par with what it should be and is in need of reform:

1.     Communication between the Association and the alumni is not properly maintained post-graduation.  Alumni are not adequately informed of the procedures and requirements for maintaining membership and paying the necessary fees. This has left the vast majority of former students unaware of the activities and status of the association and the school itself

2.     Communication and networking between alumni is not facilitated through the current alumni association activities.

3.     IC Alumni Committee elections are being held without the knowledge of the vast majority of alumni and are limited to a pool of 150 people (only registered members who have paid their annual fee two weeks prior to the election).

4.     IC Alumni do not have access to any of the school’s facilities, its campus, or any other benefits enjoyed by alumni of other institutions. IC students are not given the chance to be involved in IC life after graduation


B.     What We Aim To Achieve

 The reformation of the IC Alumni Association to address all of the above mentioned problems will require several changes from within the Alumni Association particularly in its communication protocols, voting procedures, and possibly its administrative structure.  Achieving these goals will require the following actions:

·       Canceling the results of the latest committee elections and scheduling a new date that gives sufficient time for alumni to renew their memberships and for non-member Alumni to be contacted and made familiar with the processes of membership registration and voting

·       Electing a new committee resulting from the participation of a much larger portion of IC alumni

·       Updating the database of Alumni and establishing contact with them to properly involve them in the Alumni Association.

·       Establishing new protocols and regulations in order to make the membership process and voting process more inclusive and accessible

·       Organizing proper networking events in all Alumni chapters across the globe

·       Reorganizing the committee structure to include sub committees that represent all generations and geographic locations of Alumni.

·       Granting Alumni controlled access to school facilities and alumni database   

·       Involving a larger number of Alumni in the association and organizing schemes and mechanisms to help improve and develop IC towards its goals and vision. This would include encouraging Alumni to contribute towards scholarships and financial aid funds.

·       Establishing an organizational structure that allows for an actively and effectively involved Alumni body that will enable Alumni to contribute in ways that they see fit to the growth, development, and progress of the IC curricula, campus facilities, campus life and student body.


C.    Who Can Make This Happen

1.     The vast network of over 10,000 IC Alumni all across the world.

2.     The current Alumni Association and administration through reconsidering current practices and involving the student body

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