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Petitioning Governor Patrick Quinn and 3 others

Petition to recall Gov Quinn for failure to protect the fiscal soundness of the state of Illinois

The governor of the state of IL has failed to protect the fiscal integrity of the state of IL.

Letter to
Governor Patrick Quinn
Illinois State House
Illinois State Senate
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Illinois Governor
I seek to recall Pat Quinn as the Governor of IL and hold a special election to replace him.

I am writing to implore all citizens of the state of IL that this tax hike is not only not necessary but absolute proof that the Governor is not only governing against the will of the people (who don't believe that a tax hike is needed) but that even in doing so the state will be no more fiscally secure next year as any mathematical formula that takes into account the number of people leaving IL will find that the state will have a larger deficit in 2012 then in 2011.

As such our only recourse is to start the recall process so that the people of IL can be represented by a governor who will protect the fiscal security of IL and represent the interests of the people who elected him. Please see Section 7 article III for the complete description of our rights.

This recall is unfortunate but necessary to prove that we are a government by the people, for the people, and of the people and if you govern against the will of the people they have the right to recall and replace you.

Here is where I got the idea:

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