Petition to protect all communities from hate

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Please sign this petition to the Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan, who, as a leader of our country, has the power to enact the hate crime legislation. 

We wish to bring the heartbreaking issue of racially motivated and Islamophobic attacks upon our Muslim youth to light, where traditional forms of bullying has resulted in violent attacks, assault and even murder. 

We have media personalities like Gemma O’Doherty, who expresses fascist hatred ideologies under the guises of free speech, via twitter, calling for hijabs to be burned and telling her own supporters to cover their faces.

It is no wonder as to why hatred towards Muslims is normalized and dehumanizes Muslims in the process, reducing their value to less than equal citizens. Opinions as expressed by O’Doherty gives societal permission and influence towards the commonality of negative attitudes towards Muslims. 

Our youth, as young Irish teenagers, are already facing the same difficulties and peer pressure like their peers. Our daughters have the added pressure to justify why they choose to veil and to deal with another layer of bullying in the form of an Islamophobic hate and racially motivated attacks. 

We were in shock when recently as earlier this week, a video went viral of two young Muslims girls being beaten up, egged at and had attempts made by a group of 12 youths to remove their hijabs outside Dundrum Luas stop. 

Unfortunately, stories of Islamophobic attacks are commonly spread amongst our community and almost every second person has a memory to share, some have sought justice and gained support in their defence. Others remain swept under the rug. 

We are collectively calling on you, as a person of privilege and as the minister of Justice to assist us working towards the possibility of illustrating a new ‘hate crime’ bill that enforces fairer reprimands, disregards legal loops of age restrictions and allows a fairer and more concise avenue towards justice, which families will no longer have to deal with their loss in vain.  

By enforcing a consequence that includes the crimes of youths, this will enforce a ‘no tolerance‘ attitude of our government towards Islamophobic and racially motivated attacks regardless of age. This hate bill will also include recognition of ‘ethnic’ hate crimes. Hate is hate irrespective of race, creed, colour or sex. 

Help us send out a strong message that we want our beautiful country Ireland to remain safe for everybody. Let's ensure that no member of our society, young or old, walks on our streets with fear in their hearts.


Muslim Sisters of Eire

Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland

Waterford Against Racism

United Against Racism

Belfast Islamic Centre

Dublin City Interfaith Forum 

AlMustafa Centre