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Bangladesh is a country which have all sorts of people from all the religion ,country's made up of them, but there is not a single day when every one look at a news paper and do not see a news about rape.not one not two thousands and thousands country is a paradise for rapist and killers , after raping women they are not letting them live they are killing them in cold blood to erase evident ,even infants are not spared. women are devastated, countries people is devastated. Its like every one is sex maniac how can some one rape a child. Girls are raped by their closest people teacher,father,cousins,uncle,brother, their screams is not even heard because of fear,and then again there is people in the outside is full of molesters in the bus in the road women are raped in buses all over the country and thrown out to die., there cases of murder after rape,suicide because of rape,murder after attempts of rape gang rape in January - May  of 2019,there are 479 women raped. 28 died after rape, 71 attempts of rape, 7 committed suicide after rape (source :prothom alo, Janakantha,Ittefaq,Samakal.Shangbad,Naya Diganta, Daily Star,New Age,Dhaka Tribune and Ain o Salish Kendra(ASK)) all are news paper in Bangladesh, Bangladesh saw 17000 case of rape registered , and there are also huge number of cases which are not registered, and police cant do a thing because the rapist is always from a place upper than the police they are so powerless against this kind of crime, if our PRIME MINISTER SHEIKH HASINA immediately command decrees and pass a law to take drastic measure which is to create a STRIKE TEAM and to kill the rapist who ever he is in public square or on spot ,who(STRIKE TEAM) will not have to answer to any one how they kill him , catching the rapist will be easy because this kind of people do not hide ,they think they are invulnerable . So, we your people who elected you urge you my dear prime minister please take some drastic measure how many of these innocent life have to be destroyed before you do it .