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Reinvestigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Jalon Bea

The Bea family, along with the many loved ones of Jalon Bea, and the greater community, requests that the questionable circumstances surrounding the allegedly accidental death of Jalon Bea be reviewed again. The current charges against the defendant who shot and killed Jalon Bea are Manslaughter 1, after an investigation that lasted only 3 days. With more rigorous and thorough interviewing of the witnesses and reviewing the facts of the case we believe that the evidence will show that this charge should be upgraded to a Murder 1 case. Please support us in pursuing justice for the family and friends of Jalon Bea. "Bea the Change."


An Open Letter to Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist

October 23, 2013

Dear Mr. Lindquist:

Before you give your final answer as to whether or not Jalon Bea was murdered or accidentally shot, investigate the crime scene, the vehicle which supposedly transported him to the hospital. Investigate Mr. Lotovaivai. Interview everyone: the hospital personnel present when Jalon’s body was deposited and the staff who handled and worked on the body, the witnesses at the scene inside and outside the car in which Mr. Lotovaivai was sitting “playing around” with his revolver and the neighbors on either side of and across the street from the house and grounds on South G Street. Also process the crime scene inside and outside the house for the following reasons:

It is virtually impossible to be unaware a revolver is loaded as the following video shows:


There have been varying versions of what happened: Mr. Lotovaivai said he made it a point to remove the bullets before passing the gun around or he didn’t know it was loaded. Either way it’s already been shown that it’s impossible to leave any bullets in the chambers of the cylinder of a revolver. Even a novice gun owner’s gun doesn’t come loaded therefore Mr. Lotovaivai had to make it a point to load the gun. It doesn’t make sense to buy a gun for protection and then walk around with it unloaded, does it?

During a videoed statement to a reporter Mr. Whitfield,
one of the residents of the house where people had gathered the afternoon of October 11, 2013, made some strange statements, the strangest being that his first instinct was “to get him out of here” and that “there was no time for nothin’ else.” Most people’s first instinct would have been to dial 911. Using his cell phone most certainly would have been quicker and simpler than loading Jalon into a truck.

Review the video of Mr. Whitfield’s statements, especially where he expresses a sense of resentment at Jalon’s being so inconsiderate as to not make a dying statement he could relay to Jalon’s mother. That’s called an “affect.” It’s not a natural thing to say. It’s obvious Mr. Whitfield didn’t want the police at his home for a reason that might make him unwilling to tell the truth about what really happened. Mr. Whitfield said he heard a loud sound and saw Jalon fall. Someone must have shouted the truth about what happened and he must have heard it. His son Dario said “it happened so fast” which means he saw exactly what happened. Where was Dario, inside or outside the car? Both Whitfields said they believed Jalon was pretending to be shot but why would they think that, one having heard the report of the gun and seeing Jalon fall without putting his hands down to absorb the force of the fall and other having seen the whole thing? 

Another odd thing happened: a prosecutor sounding like a defense attorney. You shouldn’t sound so certain it was an accident and shouldn’t sound so sympathetic to the shooter before conducting a thorough investigation, should you? 


Every concerned citizen

Please support our cause by contacting Lead Prosecutor Philip K. Sorenson at (253) 798-7400 and ask for the case to be reinvestigated so new evidence can be brought to light and the charges can be upgraded to MURDER!

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