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'Police Anti-Brutality Bill' - A Civil Bipartisan Petition to Congress

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  • George Floyd would still be breathing & wouldn't have been given a false autopsy, & officers Kueng, Lane, Thao, & Chauvin would've all been put in prison much sooner if police-cross checking was enforced and incentivized. Officer Chauvin would have never been able to join the police force if EEG prejudice/mob-mentality psych evaluation was required prior to hiring.

  • We have witnessed countless cases in which law enforcement has publicly violated our Constitutional rights as human beings and as American citizens. These violations have been ignored and/or encouraged by chiefs and commanding officials, and have been directed at peaceful protesters in the name of the small minority of opportunistic looters. 
  • The majority of mainstream media and politicians have continued to focus primarily on this small minority and have failed to propose or advocate any systemic change.
  • The time for peaceful systemic local & federal political action to reduce, prevent, and eradicate the excessive force/brutality of law enforcement is NOW.


  • To accomplish this, this petition demands the following:
    • Enforced police corruption cross-checking at every rank of law enforcement.
    • Increased training requirements and psychological stress-response evaluation in order to become an officer of the law.


  • Enforced police corruption cross-checking at every rank of law enforcement.
    This means: 
    • Federal enaction and accountability to the 8 use of force policies. More info:
    • It should be illegal for any police officer whatsoever to have their body cameras shut off and/or their badge taken off while they are on duty (bathroom break should be the only exception, as opposed to the current policy where police officers are trusted to turn on cameras when on-call). 
    • As it is the duty of law enforcement to protect and serve law-abiding citizens, the footage captured by body-cameras should be accessible to any attorney or investigator at any time (when relevant to a case), not just the police department.
    • Cameras should be functional enough to not coincidentally malfunction every time a police officer murders.
    • ANY officer who stands still while another officer is committing a crime should be treated and tried as an accomplice to said crime.
    • Check out for even more data.
  • Increased training requirements and psychological stress-response evaluation in order to become an officer of the law. This means: 
    • Officers need to be evaluated via an EEG brain scan to see how/if they develop certain particularly dehumanizing prejudices and/or violent/mob-mentality impulsions in a given variety of simulated scenarios, prior to being hired.
    • Officers need to be able to de-escalate situations without choking or strangling. 
    • Officers need to be trained thoroughly on exhausting all other means of de-escalation prior to shooting (including use of taser) and need to warn the perpetrator that they will be shot if they do not stop shooting.
    • Officers need to report all uses of force. This needs to be done independently by both partners. Any attempts to hide any use of force should be illegal.

As there are a complex number of decision-makers; please forward this petition to all representative governing officials (Congress, House of Representatives, State Senators, State General Assembly) urging them to develop and pass this bill.

  1. Congress:
  2. House of Representatives:
  3. State Senators Contact:
  4. Google your State General Assembly and reach out to these representatives as well. 
  5. Other local officials:

Still not convinced to make a difference? Check out this thread of compiled and documented cases in which excessive force was used on/against peaceful protestors just in the last month:

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