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Petition to Omnilogy to reconsider Color my Taxi

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Omnilogy Inc, a Non Profit in Cebu, Phillipines has started an Open Facebook group titled 'Color my Taxi' to gather supporters for a project by the same name. People are being added without their consent to this group.

By signing this petition you will be sending the following email to various members of Omnilogy to raise awareness about their upcoming 'Color my Taxi' project and its implications:

'The Taxi Takes' is a project that was started by Vandana Sood in 2009 based on conversations between taxi drivers and passengers inside cabs. The Taxi Takes is Vandana Sood's MFA thesis project from the Integrated Media Arts Program at Hunter College, City University New York and has received wide acclaim and press. 

Recently, as described on Vandana's blog post, Vandana spoke with Omnilogy's Executive Director April Dequito about the prospect of collaborating on an expansion of her project.  April had pursued Vandana to do a yoga workshop in the Philippines ever since 2008 after the success of Vandana's Davis Peace Project - Stretching towards Peace in Serbia. April Dequito also insisted that Vandana involve Omnilogy in The Taxi Takes. In the course of these discussions it became clear to Vandana that her project and Omnilogy weren't a good fit, and she chose not to pursue this expansion of The Taxi Takes with them. After this, despite her express request that Omnilogy not continue to develop on her idea, as well as the organization's own director's commitment not to do so, Omnilogy has gone forward with 'Color my Taxi'.

While we recognize Omnilogy's right to do projects of their choosing, we would like to express our concern as follows:

The original idea is Vandana's own Intellectual property and in all fairness should remain so.  The differences between her project and 'Color my Taxi' are de minimis and only slight, and Vandana is on record since her project's inception about her desire to expand her project in just the way Omnilogy says it intends to.  Anyone acquainted with her previous work has only to look at 'Color my Taxi's' description to know that it's obviously a re hashed derivative of Vandana's original project. In fact it is only a rebranded version of "The Global Taxi Takes", which was the working name of the collaboration between Vandana and Omnilogy.

Vandana shared her goals with Omnilogy in good faith and has a right to expect that her project and her ideas would be treated with respect and not appropriated.  Especially considering that she was assured that Omnilogy wouldn't be pursuing the project without her in the first place.  Consequently in the name of ethical dealings and integrity, we urge Omnilogy and those associated with it (the Management Team, Board of Directors, Board of advisors and Consultants) to reconsider going ahead with 'Color my Taxi' and investing time, energy and money in it. 

We hope that this appeal reaches the ears of people who have a desire to preserve Omnilogy's good name, as well as have respect for an artist's ideas and work.

Lastly on a more positive note, this entire experience has been treated as an opportunity. An opportunity and endeavor to actually realize the vision that Vandana has had all along. 'The Taxi Takes on the World', will come to life in the near future and we look forward to your active participation and feedback. The ball is already rolling and to get more involved click here!

Thank you for your time.

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