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PETITION TO OFFICIALS: Plant based diet necessary to conserve fresh water supplies

USA's massive drought has no signs of letting up - the majority of all fresh water is used on farm factory animals; farmers find them too expensive to feed are now culling them (price of grain rising due to drought) - the President should encourage Americans to eat less meat (meat prices are expected to rise substantially) as a means of water conservation (ideally adapt to plant based diets); become role models including well publicized vegan banquets. It takes 13 pounds of grains to make a single pound of meat; 70% of all grains raised in USA is fed to farm factory animals. Also conducive to a healthy heart (Bill Clinton went vegan for health).

Most fresh water supplies are used on rearing of meat when healthy plant based diets exist as a means of conservation of this life essential resource - water, and would save money on the health care system as well (currently over 700,000+ strokes and over a million heart attacks a year in USA).

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