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Stand up for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

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Right now, our government has the power to either see the Murray-Darling Basin Plan through or water it down to a version that fails the majority of life - people, birds and everything else - that depends on the river.

I have spent fourteen years living and travelling on the River Murray on a houseboat. During this time I have paddled the backwaters, walked the floodplains, observed the vegetation, birds and wildlife and participated in river communities e.g. volunteering on the historic river boat - the PS Industry.

Following a recent high river some of the Basin is flourishing. However, I am concerned that this healthy river is an illusion. Lower rainfall, droughts, over-commitment of the river’s water and a number of rogue irrigators not playing by the rules (ABC Four Corners Monday July 24th) will result in the system once again becoming stressed.

Areas of trees and vegetation on the flood plain have already died and the next, potentially more severe drought, will hasten this decline. Communities will decline - inadequate water for irrigation, fewer fish, unemployment and depressed towns.

Please sign and share this petition that demands a sound and fair Basin Plan. Without a healthy river no one has a future. We need a river that regularly waters our flood plains and flows through to the ocean.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - we call on you to:-

  1. Deliver the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in full (3200 GL per year) and soon                                                        
  2. Ensure ALL irrigators abide by the conditions of their water entitlement


Photo: Ral Ral creek near Renmark

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