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Over 12,000 signatures!

NY SciFi & Fantasy

Sep 28, 2013 — Yesterday was a fantastic day for this petition! Several news sites started posting about what we're trying to do and word really spread. As of this posting we have over 12,000 signatures from 95 different countries!

Per the paperwork submitted on 9/23, we'll get an answer one way or the other by November 9th, 1 fortnight prior to the 50th anniversary, so the more signatures we can accumulate by then, the better. 10,000 is a landmark number, but there's still time to keep this going!

Also, some of the articles are saying we're "demanding" this be done. There's a large difference between showing there "is a demand" for something, and "demanding" something be done. This petition is showing there "is a demand" for what NY SciFi & Fantasy submitted to become lighting partners with the Empire State Building. We want to celebrate - simple as that.

Every signature helps:
“In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important” - The Doctor


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