Bridging the Divide: The Way Forward for Singapore’s COVID Response

Bridging the Divide: The Way Forward for Singapore’s COVID Response

February 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters


We are a group of Singapore citizens and residents increasingly alarmed by the growing divide in our island-nation related to the COVID-19 vaccination programme. The increasingly drastic measures introduced by the government to mandate vaccination and discriminate against the unvaccinated has created great unease and discomfort among a large segment of the population.


We would like to make a stand against certain measures introduced by the government in recent months and urge the multi-ministry task force (MMTF) to reconsider its decisions so as to help ‘Bridge the Divide’ and unite the population in emerging stronger from the pandemic.


1.      Reverse the ban on unvaccinated workers from workplaces and essential places

The ban on unvaccinated workers from workplaces, effective Jan 15 – even with a negative Covid test – violates an individual’s right to employment and to earn a living for himself or herself. In the present tough economic environment, such drastic and blunt measures would only exacerbate economic anxiety, penalize those less able to do remote work and reinforce the perception that the PAP government is out of touch with the population. The lessening severity of the different strains of Covid-19 does not justify the escalation in workplace discrimination. Similarly, the unvaccinated should not be denied access to essential places such as supermarkets and F&B establishments.

2.      Pause Covid-19 vaccination for young children in schools

Research the world over has unarguably shown that children who become infected with COVID-19 have no or mild symptoms. At the same time, both research and actual evidence has shown that there has a been a higher-than-expected number of heart inflammation cases after vaccination with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, particularly among boys and young men. Given the lack of time-based studies on the longer term effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, it would be prudent for the government not to mislead and misrepresent the benefits of vaccinating young children without due consideration for its longer term risks.

3.      Stop mandating “booster” jabs for those already vaccinated

The latest requirement for residents to undergo booster Covid-19 shots within 9 months of completing their primary vaccination series, effective Feb 14 – in order to maintain fully vaccinated status is bewildering and disturbing. While the longer term effects of the COVID-19 vaccines are still unknown, the government is now forcing people to take additional shots of the vaccine. As it stands, there have been numerous cases of adverse reactions from primary doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Cases have also started to emerge on severe reactions after “booster” doses. The risks of such adverse reactions do not outweigh the benefits of protection against a waning virus. We call on the government to end the booster requirement as a matter of principle and science.


While Singaporeans are generally compliant with government measures made in their best interests, a growing number of people are feeling unease and disquiet over government actions taken in recent months. The vast disparity between the position taken by the government and the genuine perspectives expressed by groups such as Healing the Divide do not bode well for national unity amidst a crisis.


We invite those who agree with the above to join us to make a stand and sign the petition which will be delivered to the Singapore government. 

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Signatures: 1,231Next Goal: 1,500
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