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  Ask those who have taken Outdoor Leadership, it changes lives.  You make friends, you may not have made otherwise.  You learn skills, you would not have learnt otherwise. You have memories, that last a life time.
  Currently, they are attempting to offer Outdoor Leadership at Howe Sound in Gr. 11- which is a tough year! We want to encourage the program to stay alive anyway we can, in the most beneficial way for students.  This petition is needed to start a conversation in our community about the best way to go about continuing Outdoor Leadership.  The conversation needs to be between the faculty and administration, the students, and the parents in order to make clear progress.  Let's get it started, and be supportive..

  Just a few reasons...

"It was one of the best experiences that I have ever had as a student. I know some of my younger friends are eager to take it, and this opportunity should be one to carry on through many years!" Maegan Bruce, took Outdoor Leadership 2011

"Because this course was the most beneficial part of my highschool education." - Samantha Butts, took Outdoor Leadership 2009.

"O.L. is an amazing program. I got to do so many amazing things, have fun with so many fantastic people, and learn things that I apply regularly to my day-to-day life as a university student. Please do NOT cut OL." Tara Dudley, took Outdoor Leadership 2008

It has ultimately shaped who I am as a person, given me so many skills and the confidence to feel adept in the outdoors and in my abilities." Nina Harvey, took Outdoor Leadership 2007

"It has been six years and I still exercise some of the traits learned through this course. (I can’t say the same about history class...) This truly was a memorable experience and I’d hate to see it denied to future students." - Nate Roberge, took Outdoor Leadership 2006


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Students, student alumni, faculty, and parents Keep the Outdoor Leadership Program in Squamish British Columbia
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Keep the Outdoor Leadership Program in Squamish British Columbia.

Sign this petition to support Outdoor Leadership for the future!

Those who have taken the Outdoor Leadership Program understand what a fantastic experience it is. One of the best, if not the best, experiences of their high school careers. It would be devastating, not only to the students, but to the community as a whole to lose such a remarkable program. It gave younger students something to look forward to in their educational futures, whilst giving those lucky enough to take Outdoor Leadership, skills that last a life time! Lets keep Outdoor Leadership for good.