Petition to keep 0 Tiffany Drive in Waynesboro, Virginia zoned as low density.

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douglas gerni
1 year ago
I would hate to see this happen to this area. The city has done and continues to allow for higher density and lower priced homes in the Claybrook and Anna Marie area as well without any regard for the original residents.

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Kathi Keller
1 year ago
We want it to remain a NEIGHBORHOOD. People who OWN & live in their homes, even affordable homes, take care of their property & care about what's going on around them. They understand that it's probably the biggest expense & investment they'll ever make & want to protect it. Except for homeowners insurance & RE taxes, they usually have the comfort of knowing that they're payments aren't going to go up. Renters have to worry about their rent being increased every year & have no such incentive regarding the condition of the property. They just hope their landlord keeps everything up. With rent being as expensive as it is here, I have no idea how people ever manage to save enough money to buy a home. With today's low interest rates it makes more sense to buy a home, if you can, rather than renting. The average monthly payment on a 30 year mortgage is about half of the average rent cost.

I'd MUCH rather see affordable housing than apartments. Affordable housing gets pushed out when developers require the houses being built to be of a larger square footage (1,800+). Large houses built with profit maximizing in mind aren't better or nicer; they just bigger.

And once upon a time, Waynesboro was supposed to be finishing the Southern Corridor project before this INTERIOR development which will only exacerbate traffic & everything else (as has been previously stated). What happened to that? ⬇  ⬇

"The Waynesboro Southern Corridor is a 1.6-mile two-lane road with a shared use path within the city limits of Waynesboro. It is positioned south of Interstate 64 between exit 94 at Rosser Avenue (Route 340) and exit 96 at South Delphine Avenue (Route 624). It will create a direct, multi-modal connection between Rosser Avenue and South Delphine Avenue.

The new corridor extends Shenandoah Village Drive east, crossing Lyndhurst Road at a mini roundabout. The corridor then follows the existing North Oak Lane to the South River, continues on a new roadway location through Nature’s Crossing Technology Center (Exit 96 Industrial Park), and ends at an intersection with South Delphine Avenue.

The location and design of the Waynesboro Southern Corridor brings regional potential benefits. As a route paralleling I-64, the Southern Corridor can reduce congestion at exits 94 and 96. Access from the new roadway provides prospective development for multiple industrial parcels in southern Waynesboro, including the city-owned Nature’s Crossing Technology Center. Existing industrial, office and retail businesses will immediately benefit from direct access to Lyndhurst Road.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board in June 2016 selected the Waynesboro Southern Corridor for full funding through the SMART SCALE prioritization process, which objectively scores transportation projects using several data-driven measures."