Petition: To Increase Immediate Mental Health Supports in BC

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Dear Premier Horgan and Ms. Malcolmson,

I am writing this letter to express my concerns about the lack of resources for children’s mental health.

Recently our community lost another young man, Andre Courtemanche, due to depression/anxiety and ultimately suicide. 

Having supports in place immediately, prevents further decline, in all areas of life.  When we care for the most vulnerable, we are a more kind, positive and productive society.  Mental health concerns are not something that can be put on waitlists for extended periods of time. Our children deserve access to immediate help and qualified Professionals.

The lack of resources has been a problem for many years.  It is not until someone threatens to harm themselves or others that we take it seriously.  Even when the threat has been made we give them a “band aide solution” with medications and send them home.  For some, the “band aide” can make things worse or the side effects so undesirable the person may stop taking it. Once the threat has been made, the thought patterns, and chemical imbalances are well established, pulling them out is akin to pulling someone from quicksand.

If it is a matter of not having enough qualified Professionals, can we address this by helping those who have an interest, to pursue this field.  We have acted immediately by hiring more Support Workers in long term care, what about our youth? They are in crisis.

We need to take action immediately, we cannot sit back and let this continue, these are sensitive, kind souls that need our help.

Yours Truly,

Citizens of British Columbia


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