Petition to Hold a New PTA Election

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Hello JSIS Community, 

Today I am asking you, as a member of the JSIS community, to take a moment to read through this petition thoroughly.  I am submitting this petition because I am proud to send my children to John Stanford and would like to demonstrate to our PTA Board that we care about the future of our school and the education of our children.   

Last Thursday, on May 23rd, the PTA held an election to fill the vacant positions on the PTA board. Unlike previous years, this election took nominations from the floor instead of using an independent nominating committee who collects emails from interested individuals. This is notable for several reasons. First, the PTA Board changed the election process the week before the election.  Leading up to May 14th, nominations from the community were requested, with the last call for nominations happening on May 7th.  The following week, one week before the election, the board changed the election process to floor nominations. Surprisingly, there was no mention of this new election process directly highlighted in E-news, instead one had to click on the E-news link, open a PDF, scroll down to the second page and read the 2nd to last paragraph to find the new requirements for nomination. These new requirements made no reference to the option for email nominations and required interested parties to attend the meeting to be nominated on the floor. This change eliminated e-mail nominations previously submitted and ostracized parents who were unable to attend due to work or family commitments.

It is essential we take note of this election because the PTA Board is important for our community. The PTA Board represents us (the collective parent) when budget allocations are approved from our annual fund to pay for IA's, Interns, Reading Specialists and our Counselor.  The PTA Board represents us when they determine how to spend funds to support teachers with classroom materials and professional development opportunities. The PTA board represents us during meetings with our Principal to discuss future needs of our school and students.

Earlier this week, you may have seen the PTA statement about the elections, which included a quote from representative Sabrena Burr, President, Seattle Council PTSA. The quote called the election "fair and representative."  I cannot speak as to why the PTA Board felt compelled to post this letter, but Ms. Burr’s statements speak to the procedures of the meeting itself, NOT the efforts of the PTA Board to disseminate information and educate the JSIS community about the new nomination process.  

I ask that you sign this petition today to clearly state to the PTA Board that we want: 

  1.  A new election that represents the entire JSIS community;
  2.  An election that allows individuals to submit their interest for a position via email
  3. An election that includes a mechanism for absentee voting whether it be electronic or ballot.  

It should be recognized that a number of our fellow parents have graciously given their time and energy to serve on the PTA last year and in this current election.  I am very appreciative of their willingness to give their time for the benefit of our school community.

Thank you.