To ban Chase Elliott from No. 9 on his race car

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No. 9 was associated with Bill Elliott ever since he picked it in 1976. He won a championship in it, had several very dominant seasons in it and was the most popular NASCAR driver before Dale Jr. And in 2018 Chase picked up this number once again because he had success with it in lower series and wanted to add some more to family's history.

Yet unfortunately this number isn't always successful for Elliotts. Bill owns the record of the longest winless streak with 227 races of drought. And Chase, after 83 Cup races is still chasing his first win. Even after only 6 races with No. 9 it seems like he won't have even that much success, as in No. 24

Dear Mr. Hendrick, as a fan, who is a bit superstitious and worries a lot about Chase's career, I ask you to change Chase's number as soon as possible. Maybe this plays an important role and can help.