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Petition to have Tyler, the Creator's ban from the UK lifted

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Musician Tyler, the Creator has received a ban from entering the United Kingdom from the secretary of state for the home department of the United Kingdom. Within the letter that they wrote explaining the reasoning they had behind their ban they referenced lyrics that were wrote by the artist 4-5 years ago that encouraged homophobia, rape culture and acts of violence. If we are to look at his work from recent years we can see that not only has he moved on from this kind of subject matter but has matured as a human being and grew as an artist. To have something that you said whenever you were 18  held against you is not only unfair but doesnt make sense especially when the artist himself holds shows in the UK that go the extra mile for his fanbase, holding his own pop up shops and meeting fans and even going as far to rent out  a movie theatre in London to show one of his favourite movies to his fans, what other artists do you know are doing something like this for the people that got them to where they are? is this the act of a devil or a psychopath? If the man can hold a festival in Los Angeles which boasts a crowd of 14,000 people and have the local authorities say themselves that it was a pleasure to work with because of the fact that there was zero acts of violence or drug overdoses, Im sure he is more than capable of holding a couple of shows in the UK. This petition is about more than the artist, its about the line of free speech, if Tyler, the Creator can receive a 6-7 ban from entering a country from lyrics that he wrote as he was still progressing as an artist or a person then who's next? Who is the next artist or group to receive a ban from the country because of their work? where is the line actually being drawn? Thanks for taking the time to read 

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