Petition to Global Forum on Asset Recovery

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We 220 million Pakistanis felt huge relief at formation of a Global Forum for Asset Recovery under the auspices of World Bank and UNODC in December 2017 in Washington DC. We Pakistanis could not be represented as complainants, because government of Nawaz Shareef, one of the major looter was in power. Now that he has been convicted and is in jail and elections are to be held on July 25, 2108, we Pakistanis request your forum to help us in recovery of our assets. In the last 40 years rulers got away with more than 1000 Billion US Dollars. They included all those who were at helm of affairs and some of them figure prominently in Panama and Paradise Papers. Drying up Pakistani foreign reserves and putting every Pakistani including not yet born under massive debt.
Pakistan is at brink of civil war. Being an ally of USA, during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and War on terror, we suffered immensely, lost hundreds and thousands of our brethren for sake of world peace. We were cheated by our ruling elite who orchestrated this crime with the help of foreign powers, therefore it is incumbent upon them all to rescue us from total annihilation at the hands of poverty. Teeming millions of poor Pakistanis have no faith in their system to bring back this massive wealth amassed through white collar crime. It was no less than a macabre tragedy of worst degree. A day light robbery, we were powerless and captives to the system given to us by our ex colonial masters. We are sure World would not remain a spectator to this colossal tragedy at the hands of our ruling elite and the kind souls in GFAR would react immediately to our woes.