Dear Home Minister, get these mob killings to stop

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Dear Mr. Rajnath Singh,

Civilized societies live under a social contract that promises each other safety of self and ones things. Enforcing the contract, within this country falls under your purview and given that it seems to be crumbling, it is of utmost urgency that the trend be stopped right now.

Basic constitutional and indeed human rights are being contravened by mobs increasingly and needs to be addressed. It pains me to point out the following, that one would assume you would know

* Owning or transporting a cow is not illegal. Even if someone were transporting a stolen cow, it is not for a mob to decide to take action. It is for the police and the courts. Currently in several cases, mobs have killed people and the police have succumbed to mob pressure and have taken FIRs against the owners in direct contravention of the law
* Cows are biological creatures as such will one day die. Possession of a dead animal for purpose of deskinning is not illegal. Again, it is not for a mob to beat, kill or maim for possessing a dead cow.
* Suspicions and allegations of possession or consumption of beef, cannot be the basis of action by anybody, even the police. Killing, beating and maiming over such suspicions is blatantly illegal.
* While many in the police may share the beliefs of the minority who believe in the divinity of a cow, it is their duty to uphold the law and not act in unison with mobs in harming fellow citizens or stand by watching. In cases where the police seem to be overwhelmed by the mobs, it is essential for them to have sufficient equipment to tackle them like water guns. Selective use of pellet guns against specific groups is counterproductive as the mob killing of a policeman in Kashmir has shown. Considering that this malaise, cuts across states, it's your responsibility to ensure that all states agree to methodologies of handling such situations and equip their police with best options to maintain peace in the society.

We need you to step up and take action against mobs and the deteriorating law and order. We cannot let the prevailing environment of providing alibis to mobs exist or let anonymity give them strength. It does not behoove well for your ministry to call mob deaths overhyped. Even one death is too many and killing of children, absolutely appalling.

To this end we would like you to:

1. make a clear statement on the position of your ministry on the subject and a plan you all put in place immediately to tackle this problem
2. Convene a meeting of all state home ministers, Home Secretaries and police heads to identify training and equipment needs and facilitate the implementation of such a plan
3. Ensure that individuals identified as having been involved in such mob killings are tried in fast track courts to send a message against the practice
4. Implement police and judicial reforms immediately. Your party is now in power in majority of the states and as such you have no excuse for not implementing except if it is to keep political control over them. As is visible, that is not working or is working in a way not conducive to peace and law and order.

Citizens of India