Get Ed Sheeran and Example to record a studio version of ‘Nando’s Skank’

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England is a table upon which culture rests. That table is held by four iconic pillars: Edward Christopher Sheeran, Elliot John Gleave, Nando’s, Skankin’... more commonly known as.. Ed Sheeran & Example’s ‘Nando’s Skank’

It is a song that connects at least two generations of British Youth, while also spanning its name across continents. Not only because Ed Sheeran (and Example) are international super stars, but also because of the internationally acclaimed grilled chicken restaurant, Nando’s. 

No longer should people have to illegally download low-quality versions from various social media websites. This not only risks their personal cyber security, but equally affects revenue to the artists, restaurants, and their distribution platforms. This is why we request Ed Sheeran and Example, if you’re listening, please, record and release a studio version of “Nando’s Skank”. 

If you remain unconvinced, please witness the video below and go get yourself a cheeky Nando with the lads.